Aaaand finally, some pictures from las week’s visit to Trento (for my friends abroad, that’s in the North East of Italy, around 300 km from my hometown) with two friends.
We heard about a super nerdy exhibition at the Castello del Buonconsiglio, all about animals in myths and in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Super cool, ah?


We didn’t have much time considering how time-consuming travelling to Trento and back again was, but still we had about one hour to explore the city. It was my first time visiting and I loved it! Those of you who know me already have heard a thousand times that I have a soft point for middle-sized university cities, especially if the have a bicultural soul (as was the case with Strasbourg).





The Castle and the exhibition were both pretty impressive. The building is plain beautiful, very well kept, and the Venetian loggia at the top floor stole my heart! (See last picture)

IMG_2042 IMG_2052

There were a few gorgeous books.


I really enjoyed going room to room and seeing the surprising and entertaining objects they found. Imaginary animals made from mixed up taxidermy, paintings of dragons, atlases complete with sea monsters, horse helms with a unicorn horn… it had a true Wunderkammer feel that was really spot on in that material context.
The audience it was meant for was clearly not academia. It was fun and had a CGI simulation in one room where you could stand while being attacked by a monster! (It was the cutest sea monster ever for me and M).

IMG_2085 IMG_2102
I feel very grateful that I’ve been able to fill in the holidays with a few daytrips… I have one more planned, with family, on Saturday! Then it’s back to work… for real!


5 thoughts on “Trento

      1. io sono torinese adottiva, nata in toscana da padre toscanissimo (300 anni di contadini senesi alle spalle) e madre nata in toscana da genitori siciliani 🙂 percio’ sno il classico ibrido di bambina venuta a torino perche’ il papa’ lavorava (indirettamente) per la fiat: accento toscano e attaccamento alla juve 🙂

  1. Bellissimo quel castello! Sono stata a Trento una volta da piccola… Non ricordo niente della città, ma il castello chi se lo scorda! (Ho un debole per i “muri vecchi” 😀 )

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