London made me do it

London is a strange city.

Hand dryer in Central Saint Martin

In London you will

  1. Ignore the rain. In 3+ months in London, I have purchased zero umbrellas. Honestly, it’s just not worth it. It rains most often when you least expect it – my bag is heavy enough with books and laptop.
  2. …And put on your soaked coat anyway the following day. Because whatever.
  3. Suppress homicide instincts against tourists, especially when they get out of the Tube stations and stop, clueless-y wondering where their destination is. (Hint: the most clueless are, of course, Italians and Spaniards. I have sometimes bit my tongue and feigned britishness, but most days I will stop and ask if they need any help.)
  4. Grab a newspaper in the morning and read full-page articles about: a policeman who found Lego had built his figure doppelganger; what Kate Middleton wore today; a snake eating a frog. (All seen with my own eyes. Also, as punny as they can)
  5. Pay 10 pounds for a burger. And consider it a deal for good measure.
  6. Pick up accents like it’s your job. Tim has a couple dear friends who are from Poland and not only has he picked up some of their specific pronunciations, but I have too. {as in bluebereh, raspbereh, Sainsbereh… soreh (=sorry)}
  7. Stuff your face with hummus. Because it’s cheap, relatively healthy, and basically one of the best, truly simple options in grocery stores. Whenever I get home at 9 pm, bread, hummus, and a knife is pretty much all I’ll handle before showering and going to bed.
  8. Study your route anywhere so that you only need to change Tube lines where you just need to cross the platform (i.e. Green Park and King’s Cross, which are a pain in the ass. And, of course, places I need to go to almost every day.)
  9. Stop complaining {too much} about onions, garlic, and the smell of {badly} fried breakfast. Ah, not true. I complain on a daily basis about all these
  10. Keep your rubbish in your pockets forever. Because trash bins? No way, who needs them?

Edit del 12 gennaio: Anche se non me ne ero accorta, questa lista somiglia molto a una iniziativa che é diventata virale dopo un post di Vale su The Greatest Gift: perció, ecco un elenco. Parecchi di questi blog sono diventati per me una lettura fissa… Enjoy!
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5 thoughts on “London made me do it

  1. Sono divertentissime anche quelle londinesi. Leggiamole in italiano al programma radio L’ITALIA CHIAMò…che ne dici? potresti raccontarci anche altri post del tuo blog. contattami su skype ad emanuele.capoano

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