Presentation? Nailed it.

I blame my long silence on being busy (how strange, uh) and the flu. I am taking the evening off as I did with the whole day yesterday because I have been feeling sick on and off some a few days now and it is so annoying (plus it’s really having an impact on the quality of my work).
Today I had a commitment in the late afternoon though:  my college had asked me to do a presentation for potential applicants at their Open Evening. My slides were ready and I don’t like to let down people… so i went, fever or not.
So happy that I did! I tried to keep it very informal and fun, as I know my uni wants to present itself like that. So this was one of my slides:


I was so nervous. I am in no way a fan of public speaking, but I know I have to work on that so I try to take advantage of opportunities. The room was big and filled to the brim (I only expected maybe 15-20 people. I believe about 80 showed up). And, lo and behold, they loved my presentation! Everybody laughed at the above picture (with that polite but heartful laugh the English have). And I was approached afterwards by people with feedback along the lines of:

《Did you see the glow in [your supervisor]’s eyes?》 (One member of the admin staff)
《Why aren’t we paying you to do that?!》 (A professor)
《Anna, that was great. I don’t think the college could have wanted anything more than that》. (My director of studies)

The best part is that I only spoke the truth. I am very happy at UAL and also delighted that it shows. And if I can make a difference and encourage more people to apply to PhD programs… all the better.


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