Things that can happen to me on a random Thursday afternoon in London:
Finished seminar at High Holborn. Went to Wasabi to grab some lunch. Took the bus to other university’s library. Upon descending from bus, spotted HUGE squirrel. Crouched and started feeding bits of lunch to said squirrel. Lost sight of squirrel. Heard: ARE YOU AN ARTIST OR A TOURIST. What.
I was then approached by a local gentleman who asked again: The way you look at things… Are you an artist?
Uhm, no, Sir… I just saw a squirrel.
I apparently have spent to long at UAL because now I look at things the way an artist does. Damn. Anyway, the gentleman – Joel – lives not far from where I do, has one of the world’s most interesting jobs and seemed to find meeting an Italian squirrel-chasing girl hilarious. God bless the British.

(I then found Hare Khrishna offering free lunch on my way to the library – and remembered G. had mentioned them some time ago. London is a weird place to be)



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