How to annoy me in three simple steps

The following diagrams show the three most common conversations I have had since moving to London. I love Britons but so help me god every time an exchange goes like this I feel on the verge of going berserk!
(Mom, dad, call P. in to translate these for you)

Disclaimer: all of the following conversations actually happen on a regular basis.


European? Seriously!?


I. am. not. a. student. GAAAH


This is actually pretty funny because I have started cautioning people, “I will tell you what I study, but beware, most people just don’t get it and end up not knowing what to say”; per tradition, they reply “I am not like them! Do tell me! I’ll understand!”. A few seconds later: “…oh”. Yeah. I guessed so.

PS: thank you everybody who took the time to read my last post and send a word of comfort. I really appreciate all of your kind words! I was just so tired… it’s easy to be discouraged when you’re pooped + overwhelmed.


2 thoughts on “How to annoy me in three simple steps

  1. AHAHAHAH! “That’s like saying that an architect is into lego bricks”. Coraggio Anna, abbi un po’ di pietà per questi londinesi che vogliono dopotutto solo essere gentili… li spaventerai. Sei così europea 😛

    I momenti “low” ci sono sempre, accettali come una parte del giro sulla ruota panoramica e approfittane per ricavarne qualcosa 😉 Un abbraccio.

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