Secrets from a four-year-old


I just finished a shift at the Money Desk, British Museum. At one point mid afternoon, the desk was miracolously empty. One little girl, no older than four, walked by… but she did run my way once I asked her if she wanted to hold some pirate money! (“But where’s the jolly roger?!”)
We then talked about the Greek tetradrachm and how it has the goddess Athena on one side and her sacred bird, the owl, on the other. I placed the coin in her tiny hands and told her that the owl was a wise animal because it could see in the dark. What followed is some of the most adorable lines a four-year-old ever uttered.
– Could the goddess?
– You mean, could she see in the dark? I guess so. She was a goddess!
– I can see in the dark, a bit.
– Then you must be a wise little girl.
– …can I tell you a secret?
The desk was still empty. I leaned in.
– People think I am afraid of the dark but I’m not. After mom tucks me in I get out of the bed and switch the mini lamp off!



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