Second family visit {Greenwich, Brick Lane, Aquarium}

{Post was written one week ago, I only got around to upload the pictures tonight, as I’m too sick with the flu to work! Enjoy}

Family was visiting again this past weekend. They left on Monday morning and I haven’t fully recovered yet. Not from my legs aching from all the walking, and certainly not from the vague sadness that not being able to leave with them leaves me with. I hope they know how I much I love them – I hope that I can show them; this lesson in independence is hard enough to learn.

We had two full days, although the first one was a nightmare of engineering works on tube lines, rallies in the city centre so half the buses in London were stopped and finally – I kid you not – a goddamn black out. And since I am not one to get their plans hijacked by such things, I embarked my family on a deadly schedule the day after so that we could make up for Saturday’s misfortunes.
Which meant: wake up, breakfast, bus, tube, DLR, Greenwich Park + Observatory + Meridian, GBK in Greenwich, hop on the DLR and Overground, cross all Brick Lane (I have never seen it so crowded!) and some of the underground vintage markets, tube again, Sea Life London Aquarium (British children are wild), tube, bus, home, crawl into bed.



20140309_114959 20140309_121107 IMG_2704 IMG_2708 IMG_2728 IMG_2736



{Brick Lane}

IMG_2765 IMG_2774 IMG_2775 IMG_2776 IMG_2780 IMG_2781 IMG_2784 IMG_2791 IMG_2799

{Sea Life London Aquarium}

IMG_2882 IMG_2891 IMG_20140309_173456


2 thoughts on “Second family visit {Greenwich, Brick Lane, Aquarium}

  1. bellisime foto! sono stata a londra nel weekend e ho scritto un post molto fotografico, le mie foto fanno pena pero’, sopratutto se le guardo insieme alle tue. pensavo sulla mano avessi degli appunti, invece e’ un tatuaggio!

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