Copenhagen things

Copenhagen things.


Copenhagen can be incredibly beautiful and incredibly ugly. The contrast amazes me and makes me hesitate when asking myself – would I live here? I probably would, as it still looks like the perfect mix between Germany and Nordic countries. But even better, I would probably live in Sweden and work in Copenhagen. Perfect. The commute from Malmö is a mere 35 minutes. I already have everything planned out, as you can see.



When it rains, it pours. It started raining on Sunday around noon and didn’t stop until about 6 pm. Tip: if you ever get stuck in the Rosenborg Slot by pourting rain, they sell raincoats in the butik (shop).




The Citadel (Kastellet) is the coolest empty place ever. Seriously, there’s nothing at all to see. But it was still very cool. Danish magic.


Get a Copenhagen card. It’s expensive (about KR 470) but worth every cent, as the museums are amazing in Copenhagen. Plus, they’ll give you overshoes.




And it’ll make it so it’s worth visiting a museum in nine minutes flat, as we did in the Thorvaldsen Museet. See me breezing through a room:


Some things, however, are indeed ugly. *cough cough* Queen’s tapestry *cough cough*

10403244_10204125809254294_7612960518312326990_n 1908011_10204142007099230_3457793376671794186_n


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