Sunday in Brighton

We’d been wanting to go to Brighton for eleven months now.
It’s not that it’s far away – it’s perfectly doable as a day trip, as it only takes about 90 minutes to get there from London.

IMG_3707 IMG_3709

Brighton is a place to smell the sea air. London has been unbearably hot and humid in the past few days, and today we were basically escaping the city. Brighton has welcomed us with a cool breeze, the smell of sea salt, two striped chairs 30 feet from the sea, a fun fair.
Brighton allowed us to take a break from our busy busy lives.

IMG_3719 IMG_3723 IMG_3749

{Piccione di mare}

IMG_3769 IMG_3772

Brighton is a place for dressing up and laughing to tears.

IMG_3802 IMG_3835 IMG_3862

IMG_3872 IMG_3884 IMG_3887

IMG_3888 IMG_3890

Brighton… looks like a good place to have a family!

I almost wanted to take a dip into the sea. Except, nearly no one was daring to, so who am I, Wonderwoman?
Brighton made me really, really happy I booked a superfast elopement in the Cote d’Azur in mid-August. Can’t wait!

Although, possibly the most surprising of it all was coming back to London once again. When I got off the train, I instantly felt home; I felt London was wrapping me up in its familiarity, comforting me in -ah- a lovely, long-awaited cooler weather.

I am not quite sure what leaving London in {possibly} three months {what?!} might mean to me. Nothing good, it seems at times. I am struggling in soaking up as much London as I can, which is not easy, considering I will leave in two weeks to visit a friend/colleague in Belgium, then I am home for two more weeks {one of which is a much needed week off}. In September, I will possibly be in Mantua for a weekend, and have already booked a week-long course in Berlin; in October, I head off to Ljubiana for another week.

And then, it’ll be time for Venice.

{Please, Venice, be kind to me.}


3 thoughts on “Sunday in Brighton

  1. Che british che siete entrambi, tutti vestiti in spiaggia ๐Ÿ™‚ La giacca che sfoggia Tim con le decorazioni sulla schiena e la faccia che fa quando posa lo fa sembrare un perfetto torero!

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