(I was supposed to post this two weeks ago. Then life happened)+

My first Uber experience was nothing short of hilarious. My driver was Boban, a Serbian father-of-two who’s lived in Germany for 35 years (and before that, he attended school in Austria; and his family is originally from Romania).
Boban proceeded to chat non-stop for 40 minutes on the way to the airport; interpreted my broken German like a champ; made fun of me for being cold when the air conditioning was on (and promptly switch it off when I confessed my chest infection); discussed immigrant life, work life, missing one’s family with me, all while making an active effort to de-Bavarianise his German.
Boban looks like someone Fox TV would cast to play an eastern european mafia thug. And my gratitude goes to him for his kindness, for mistaking me for an Australian (apparently I have an English accent in German too, and aus Italien and Australien sound similar enough), and for reminding me that one of the perks of travelling is meeting the nicest people in the least expected of circumstances.



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