Day Trip from LA: Solvang


After San Diego and Mexico City, I wanted to see some more of California but not commit to a full weekend (or more) somewhere, considering how expensive flying is in the country. I therefore opted for somewhere closer and was very happy when Solvang was recommended to me!

Solvang is a town in the Santa Barbara County that was founded in 1911 by a group of Danish immigrants who decided the Midwest climate was not that much of an improvement over Denmark and settled in California. (More or less). Nowadays, the town retains a definite Danish feel in architecture and food, while also showcasing beautiful California landscapes all around. Pale, blonde people wearing cowboy hats stroll around the city.


Solvang is a quiet town but I just loved walking around, exploring the little book shop (where I was able to get my hands on some library card socks I’d wanted for a long time, eating split pea soup and aebleskiver (pancake balls) and saying goodbye to California before going back to Europe.



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