Helsinki Stopover

I felt at home in my large room in California, with the three windows, the two cats, and the mango tree.
But I also missed Europe.


I’ve never felt particularly Italian. But I always have felt, and I do feel, European. Inexplicable as it is, when I return on European soil, I always feel that I returning to a place that’s mine.

Expectations are strange beasts. I had so few for my Helsinki stopover that I instantly fell in love with the city despite some flight reservation mishaps, two very long flights, and a mini snow storm (in May!) I couldn’t help feeling my heartbeat accelerate in bright, pretty Helsinki.


I had originally planned a stopover in the city (which Finnair and more and more companies now offer, for a number of cities) because it was so cheap. But walking around in my light coat (locals must had thought I was so, so tough. I thought I was so, so cold) I was pretty content with taking in the sights, hearing the accents and the funny rhythm of Finnish, and gazing at the sea.
As the sun set in one of those golden evenings that Nordic countries do so well, I really felt home.



One thought on “Helsinki Stopover

  1. Very nice that You visited Helsinki. Thank You. If You want know Finland, I mean real Finland, it is outside Helsinki. Some thoughts about my Finland. Can You imagine midnight sun and making a midsummer Cruise on board of old steam ship, or to cruise to rock paintings, or to find out curiosities like world’s biggest wooden church, Much more. One curiosity is:

    World’s oldest surviving diving suit.

    Finland is Winter Wonderland:

    Arctic Circle in winter.

    Roosevelt log Cabin.

    Best Snow Castle photos.

    Maybe these give to You some thoughts.

    Happy and safe travels.

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