I make no mystery of how much I love the Netherlands, so of course for my last weekend in the region, I decided to take a bus to Breskens!
Breskens is located about an hour or so east of Bruges – the two cities are connected via a super convenient public bus (no. 42, which runs every hour or so and stops at Bruges train station and ‘T Zand). Unlike the cities on the Belgian coast, it has nice fine sand, dunes, greenery, and the cutest vuurtoren (lighthouse) ever.


The lighthouse is open to tourists on Saturdays and Sundays (for a EUR 2 entrance fee) and everybody will speak German to you, because if you’re not local, then you must be German. The water was cold-ish but the view really nice. A lot of people biked on the route just by the sand, but the fact that there aren’t many (or any) buildings around meant that it was super quiet in the morning. I absolutely loved my day trip!

Where to eat: There are only a few spots around. I just walked into the first place I saw, which happened to be Loods Tien, and it turned to be the perfect choice. The decor is the prettiest; you can sit directly on the beach and watch the ships come and go; the food is excellent and the service is fast.




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