October Coffee Diary

Wood Street Coffee – http://woodstcoffee.co.uk/
Blackhorse Workshop
1–2 Sutherland Rd Path
Walthamstow E17 6BX

This was my first Sunday morning back in London and couldn’t have been celebrated with better food or coffee. We thoroughly enjoyed every single thing they put in front of us, savoury or sweet – even their granola was great. It was quiet for the first half hour after opening, but then it gets pretty busy.
The only downside was the lack of directions / signage – it took us a while to find it. Everything else we loved!

Wood Street Coffee (2)

Wood Street Coffee (1)

2991708767715303933Wood Street Coffee (4)

Bühler and Co – http://www.buhlerandco.com/
8 Chingford Rd
Walthamstow E17 4PJ

I had really high expectations for this place from the photos I found online and the reviews. The food was good, the coffee was not bad, but most of the place was pretty cold and smelly. Fried food smell in a breakfast place always kills my appetite. Pity, because my cinnamon rolls was really good.

Buhler and co (1)Buhler and co (2)

The Hornbeam – http://www.hornbeam.org.uk/cafe/
458 Hoe St
Walthamstow E17 9AH

This is very local to me and that is the main reason I went. I have mixed feelings about this place – on the one hand, I like that they are really into having activities of all sorts for the community, that they promote organic, mental and physical wellbeing, etc. The place is cute and service is really good – they were out of whatever I wanted to eat so I got a free biscuit. Prices are also low. But the menu is really, really limited, and more so since everything is vegan. Vegan desserts are almost always too sweet for me, for some reason.

Hornbeam (1)

Hornbeam (3)Hornbeam (2)

The Wild Goose Bakery – http://www.thewildgoosebakery.co.uk
654 High Rd Leytonstone
Leytonstone E11 3AA

I am pretty obsessed with this place. The food is to die for and the place is really lovely with its mismatched decor. We have been twice already and definitely plan on going again. It is also seriously cheap – as in breakfast for two for £10, which is unheard of in most of the kind of places we like in London. Coffee is pretty hit or miss, but their baked goods are so delicious they more than make up for not-perfect coffee – I cannot wait to try more!

Wild Goose Bakery (2)Wild Goose Bakery (1)

Wild GooseWild Goose Bakery (3)Wild Goose Bakry

The London Coffee Diaries series is a way for me to celebrate coffee culture in London and force Tim to meet me every Sunday.


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